Copyediting, copywriting, proofreading

Copyediting, copywriting and proofreading services


Copyediting involves making corrections and improvements to the formatting, style, spelling, grammar and syntax within text. Good copyediting can drastically change the effect copy has on a reader or consumer even without changing the content itself. Poor copy is distracting and unprofessional, and reduces your credibility. Let me take your writing to the next level. Read more.


Copywriting refers to any writing intended for publication in the public domain, particularly advertising or marketing – writing that will have a huge influence on the way you and your company are perceived. Don’t lose opportunities by publishing substandard copy. Let me write copy that is clear, engaging and effective – copy that clients will love. Read more.


Proofreading is the reading of copy to correct errors and ensure consistency of style just before publication. Only after copyediting and typesetting have been completed is a document ready for proofreading. It is very important that this task be performed by a qualified and skilled proofreader, as it really is the last chance to perfect the copy and ensure it reflects the great deal of effort that has gone into its publication. Read more.